There are many good stormwater videos available on Youtube and other sites on the internet.  Here are a few that we like.  Simply click on the blue links!

From the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency on how to grab a stormwater sample.

Good Housekeeping Stormwater Strategies from San Diego County.

The Basics of Stormwater Management from Clark County Washington.

For our little ones, Freddy the Fish from the American Geoscience Institute.   H20 Jo from the City of Boulder, Colorado.  And Into the Sewers! from the City of Bloomington, Indiana.

Spotting and Reporting Illicit Discharges from the State of Texas.  (They say “illegal discharge.”  However, any discharge that is not comprised entirely of water is called “illicit.”

Maintaining Stormwater Inlets (Best Management Practices ((BMPs)) from the City of Lexington, Kentucky.

“Sleuthing it Out!”  a great short video about dumpsters and stormwater from the State of Maryland’s Stormwater Management.