Our Work

Our founder, John Whitescarver, was one of the first employees of U.S. EPA and served on the team that developed the NPDES program.  Stormwater is our passion!  The National Stormwater Center has trained and certified over 8,000 municipal stormwater inspectors across the country.  We have also provided required training to thousands of industrial and construction employees.

We have witnessed how compliance with the law has resulted in improvement in America’s waters over the years.  We’ve come a long way but there is still a long way to go.

Compliance Projects in Action!

National Stormwater Center focuses on four distinct areas for NPDES stormwater compliance:


We engage residents in communities across America who wish to become more active with stormwater, with a specific focus on IDDE (Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination).


We provide training to future stormwater leaders by providing colleges across the country with NPDES coursework, and by developing stormwater projects for university students.

MS4 Permittees

We offer an Audit program for MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) permittees.  This program assesses current permit compliance, identifies gaps, and provides permittees with strategies and resources to bridge those gaps.

We offer a comprehensive webinar for MS4 Decision Makers which helps them to understand the full program and their municipality’s lawful obligations.

We identify Industrial and Construction operations which may not be in compliance with required NPDES permits, and we work hard to help them gain compliance. 

International Stormwater Center

We are expanding our programs with our first offering serving all Latin America countries!  Our courses are being delivered by US EPA and independent instructors at the 2018 Water Expo in Miami!  Click here for detailed information!