Your Involvement is Critical!

All of your efforts helping to keep America’s waters clean are invaluable!  There are a number of ways you can get involved:

Become a Certified Stormwater Volunteer. As our volunteers receive in-depth NPDES training, especially in identifying potential illicit discharges, municipalities tend to utilize them regularly within the communities they serve.

Consider a tax-deductible donation to allow us to continue to develop and deliver our programs.  Public funding is used for:

– free training for community residents (Certified Stormwater Volunteer)

– free training for college students (Certified Stormwater Student)

– subsidizing annual membership fees for students

– funding stormwater work projects for students

– continuing our work in identifying & reporting non-compliant Industrial and Construction activities

– continuing our International expansion

If you do not wish to specialize in stormwater, volunteer in your community at the level that you are comfortable.  Perhaps you will join a highway or park clean-up effort.  Perhaps you will join a fundraising activity.  Whatever you do, volunteering is a first great step!

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