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Public funding extends our programs in many ways!  With your support we can continue to offer Certified Stormwater Volunteer and Certified Stormwater Student classes at no charge!  We also provide continuing education and work project funding to students so they can gain real world experience before they graduate.

Your donation also helps us continue to build our International Stormwater Center by adding more programs in different languages for an international audience.  You can also help us continue to identify those Construction and Industrial permittees who might be in non-compliance.

Thank you for making a tax deductible donation to John Penn Whitescarver Foundation.  Doing business as National Stormwater Center, we are a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation helps equip the public community with the research and practical tools needed to advance long-term solutions to pollution in our nation’s waters. Together, we are working to protect our water and build a healthy environment.

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