Certified Stormwater Volunteer

The objective of this project is to provide organized citizen participation in the Clean Water Act.  National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits require municipalities to achieve six Minimum Control Measures (MCMs)  including Public Education and Outreach and Public Involvement and Participation.  Most municipalities have programs in place to educate citizens about stormwater, whether by flyers mailed with utility notices, information on their websites, and information on their social media pages.  Municipalities also have programs for citizens to be involved in their stormwater programs including Adopt-A-Road and Stenciling Storm Drains initiatives.  Our program supports these efforts,  then focuses on educating the public and encouraging their participation in Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) in their communities by working with their municipal Public Works and/or Environmental departments.

Our first Certified Stormwater Volunteer training session is absolutely free, and offers baseline knowledge of the Clean Water Act and the NPDES program.  Residents can then choose to continue their education through membership in our program.  Annual dues are only $50.00 and include quarterly training, access to our library of stormwater information, and a subscription to Stormwater Quarterly.  We train the public specifically in identification and reporting of illicit discharges.  These residents then become additional resources for their communities, and can work directly with their municipalities to keep their waters clean!

Our new class schedule will be published soon.

CSV Class Registration Form

Here is our Certified Stormwater Volunteer Membership Form!

CSV Membership Form