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Program Management

       1.     Permit Notice of Intent.





   2.  MS4 Annual Report s (two most recent Reporting Years).





      3.  Organizational chart clearly indicating positions or
divisions responsible for your MS4 program.





     4. Map of the permitted area and receiving waters, basins,
and segments, including any TMDL or 303(d) listed waters (also provide
on-site demonstration).





   5. Any formal agreements with other entities or local governments for
implementation of your MS4 programs (e.g., memoranda of understanding).




Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

   6. Map showing the extent of the storm drain system,
including outfalls. Onsite demonstration GIS-based map may be appropriate.





   7.  Ordinance or other regulatory mechanism(s) prohibiting illicit discharges and connections to the MS4.





   8. Ordinance or other regulatory mechanism(s) to provide for entering
onto private property to investigate and eliminate illicit
discharges to MS4.





   9. Procedures for receiving and investigating public/employee
complaints (e.g., call center and online reporting system).





  10. Example of tracking mechanism / inventory of illicit discharges
identified and actions taken to control or eliminate the discharges (also
provide on-site demonstration).





  11. Example/case file of an illicit discharge incident where enforcement
was used (ideally full extent of enforcement authority).





  12. Written procedures to detect and address non-stormwater
discharges, including illegal dumping (i.e., written protocol for IDDE





  13. Written procedures to field screen storm drain outfalls on a
consistent basis.





  14. Records of field screening and tracking for storm drain outfall





 15. Methods to inform public employees, businesses, and the general
public of illegal discharges and improper waste disposal.





Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control

 16. Map/inventory of current active construction sites in the
permitted area showing location (differentiating City sponsored from private





 17. Construction-related ordinances and regulatory mechanisms pertaining
to erosion, sediment, and waste control (e.g., Water Protection Ordinance,
Land Disturbing Permit) (Approved by MDE).





 18. Procedures for site inspection and enforcement of control measures
(include tools such as checklists used for documenting inspections and
enforcement activity).





 19. Construction inspection records (most recent Reporting Year)—The
Inspector  will select specific sites during the onsite inspection.





  20. Example/case file of a construction site issue where enforcement of
ordinance or other regulatory mechanism(s) was used (ideally full extent of
enforcement authority).





  21. Documentation of appropriate training for City field staff.





Post Construction Stormwater Management

 22. Map/inventory of post-construction stormwater
management practices within the City’s jurisdiction (differentiating City
owned from private).





  23. Procedures for site plan review pertaining to post-construction and
considering potential water quality impacts (including checklists used for





 24. Mechanism to ensure adequate long-term operation and maintenance by
the owner of structural post-construction stormwater
management practices.





 25. Procedures for post-construction stormwater
management practice inspection and enforcement (including applicable





  26. Records of inspections and maintenance of post-construction stormwater management practices (most recent Reporting
Year)—EPA Inspection Team will
select specific sites during the onsite inspection. Onsite demonstration of
tracking database may be appropriate.





 27. Documentation of training for City staff that conduct
post-construction stormwater management practice





Pollution Prevention and Good

 28. Map/inventory of City facilities and properties within the
permitted area (e.g., road maintenance facilities, stockpile sites, storage
and material handling areas, etc.)





 29. Documentation for municipally owned activities permitted under NPDES
or any other State or federal water pollution control program.





 30.Documentation or guidance manual for BMPs or runoff controls geared
toward fleet yard and building maintenance activities.





 31. Pollution prevention or good housekeeping procedures for municipal
facilities and activities.





 32. Example of Storm Water Pollution Plan (SWPPP) or similar document
developed for a municipal industrial facility, if applicable.





 33. Any MOUs or other binding contracts between the Permittee
and other entities to assist in compliance with the MCM.





 34. Employee/maintenance personnel training plan, records, and syllabus
pertaining to pollution prevention and good housekeeping (most recent
Reporting Year).